An Exploration into 1632-1693 and the Impact on Swartzentruber and Old Order Amish Dress and Worship Codes


  • Hannah Wallis Liverpool Hope University


This article explores the history of the “Swartzentruber” and “Old Order Amish”, the similarities and differences between them and if these have any bearing on dress and worship codes. Readers should note that “Swartzentruber” and “Old Order” will be referenced throughout, however, these are generalisations. This research is necessary, with previous scholarship focusing on dress, worship and the Division (1693) as separate entities. However, less has been tailored to the impact of the Division on dress and worship and how or if “Amish” applications are scripturally justified. The question that is raised is: “whether 17th-century ‘literalist’ hermeneutics can influence fundamental identity markers in the 21st century?”