A Theological Reflection on the Notion of Convictions and Reflecting on Convictions as the Task of Theology


  • David McMillan IBTS Centre Amsterdam


Convictions, Theological Reflection, McClendon, Anabaptist Vision, Peacemaking


This paper engages with the concept of convictions as developed in the work of Willem F. Zuurdeeg and further developed by James Wm. McClendon Jr. and James Smith. The purpose is to encourage the practice of interrogating our convictions, as individuals and communities, in order to facilitate an ongoing appraisal of the integrity of the relationship between what we say we believe, or claim to be, and what we are in practice. The author, a guest at the Network’s Theological Forum, offers some questions for reflection in spirit of appreciation of the work and witness of the Anabaptist Mennonite Network.